Final Faction

Final Faction Character Lineup

Earning that cookie.

Originally conceived as a love letter to 80's and 90's action figures, Final Faction was pitched to Dollar Tree as a toy line with high quality production values that could be offered at an affordable price to their customers.

Despite cost-based restrictions that were important to making sure the toy line reached production, our team was able to create an IP that has garnered rave reviews and developed a dedicated fanbase.

Final Faction has proven so successful that it has spawned an animated series, as well as a multi-series span of toys that have included over two dozen figures, vehicles, dioramas and accessory packs, with more currently in development.

Packaging Design


Prototype packaging layout versus actual production currently available in stores.

For this line I was tasked with creating the overall design aesthetic for Final Faction. This included creating character designs, packaging illustrations and package design across the entire toy line.

Over the course of two weeks I researched toy lines from the 90's hoping to bring a retro feel to the line. Incorporating strong colors to differentiate between the heroes and villains, as well using rough and rugged design elements and textures, I created an aesthetic that helped Final Faction stand out on the shelves and sell units, delighting customers and leading to rave reviews across social media.

A huge hit for Dollar Tree, there is currently a second wave of toys in production, with additional accessory and vehicle packs to accompany them.