Do Epic $#!@

'Florida: Homecoming 2017' Illustration

Spider-Man: Homecoming was trending and Gator Homecoming was right around the corner. At UF Social we took advantage of this perfect opportunity to get Albert, and UF, in the national conversation.

Shock and Awe.

As part of the Social Media team in University Relations, I created multimedia assets that were deployed through the flagship social media platforms for the University of Florida to an international audience of 1.5 million users.

The daily goal at UF Social was to Do. Epic. $#!@.

Whether it was leveraging current social trends to get UF in the national conversation, creating GIF sticker packs to dominate Instagram keyboards, taking advantage of Twitter's image crop functionality to create surprise content for users or creating custom AR lenses for SnapChat and Facebook, we sought new ways to create engaging content every day.

This ranged from creating physical postcards for students to send to their parents to creating a pop up art gallery with student submitted art displayed, no idea was too big or too difficult.

Content I created was regularly shared via Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Giphy and LinkedIn. On Giphy the animated sticker packs I designed helped generate one billion views for UF over a four month period, making the Gators the leader in GIF views in higher education.

Social IRL

At UF Social it is a firm belief that social needed to break free from the screen and engage in the real world when possible. This led to fun projects seeking ways to bridge the virtual and the physical to create experiences that delighted and engaged our audience both on campus and online.

'Fuchs Files' Comic Book-style Illustration

The cover to the physical comic book UF Social produced to take advantage of the trending #FreeComicBookDay event on Twitter. This book was printed and hidden in a local comic book shop for followers to find.

'Greetings from Gainesville' postcard illustration.

A postcard I designed that was given to students the first week of class. Students were able to write messages to their loved ones and UF Social paid the shipping cost, with many of them going international. Each postcard had all the UF social media accounts listed for easy follow by their parents.

UF Social Gator Buttons

An unexpected hit, I created a series of 1" buttons that UF Social gave out at various real world events we hosted. Pictured is a student showing her growing collection. 

GIPHY Domination

A small sampling of some of the GIF and GIF stickers that helped UF become the leader in GIF views in Higher Education, as well as being within the top ten of all GIF views on the GIPHY platform.

Retro Pixel Albert
Albert Ice Cream Pop
Albert Homecoming Balloon
Retro Pixel Sun
Birthday Cake Gator

Click to Reveal

At UF Social we regularly leveraged every aspect of our social media platforms to create engaging content for our viewers, even supposed bugs like Twitter's notorious image cropping. These two "Click to Reveal" images I created were huge hits with Gator Nation.

College Football illustration
University of Florida poster illustration

Gator Lenses

Utilizing assets I created in Cinema4D and different AR platforms, UF Social was one of early pioneers of custom lenses on Snapchat and Facebook.

Turlington Rock Snapchat Lens
Gators Give Snapchat Lens
Gator Facepaint Snapchat Lens
Go Gators Snapchat Lens