Retro Pixel Albert

Pixel Albert, one of my favorite creations during my time at UF, has been featured on ESPN Gameday and has almost 4 million views on his own.

Go big or go home.

In June of 2018 the team at UF Social set the ambitious goal to be the first institution in higher education to reach one billion GIF views on Giphy, the leading GIF platform. UF's view total at that time was roughly 250 million views, making UF the leader in views, though narrowly ahead of the previous leader, Harvard.

Four months later we successfully reached our goal, an increase in GIF views of over 75% in less than 6 months. As the lead creative on this project, this increase was due to the sticker packs I created over that four month period. Over 80% of UF's all time view leaders on Giphy I created during this effort.

UF is now far and away the GIF view leader in higher education and in rare company on the Giphy platform. UF GIF view totals currently rank among those generated by the entertainment brands Disney and ESPN.

Sticker Life

If social media has proven one thing, it's that whether physical or virtual, people love stickers. Nothing adds a little spice to a mundane selfie like an animated hat, a goofy pair of glasses or a pixel palm tree to set that mood.

Retro Pixel Palm
Halloween Gator
Retro Gator Glasses
Dancing Candy Corn
Gator Birthday Hat
Gator Touchdown
Gator Field Goal
Love It Gator

Sticker Packs

An early adopter of sticker packs, UF Social utilized the ability to group GIF stickers into easy to share "packs" for any occasion. Whether graduation, college football gameday or even Mother's Day, UF has a sticker pack for your social media needs. These packs helped drive views, especially during live events.

Gator Grad Cap
Gator Grad Pennant
Pixel Albert Grad
UF Grad Banner
Grad Congrats Balloons
UF Grad in the Swamp

In a GIF

Nothing beats a classic. While stickers have become a must-have in the social realm, the GIF is still king in views and usage.

Gator Taco Chomp
Retro Pixel Sun
Albert Homecoming Balloon
Retro Gator Football Helmet
Neon Gator Sign
Fall Thankful Gator